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Dec 28, 2022

On tonight's episode of Ddon.Life we are joined by Ricky Heidvogel of Food Forest Abundance, Wisconsin. Ricky and his brother Will, along with their friend Adam, have been going on a food forest installation RAMPAGE, not only in Wisconsin, but now California. Ricky and team prove that permaculture food forests can be...

Dec 24, 2022

Thanks for listening and Merry Xmas

Dec 9, 2022

Charles is a certified permaculture designer and edible landscape installer. He is the founder of Food Forest Virginia. In this episode, we recap his recent month-long trip to northern Thailand, where he consulted the design and construction of a 50+ acre permaculture site. The term "Freedom Farm Academy" comes...

Dec 8, 2022

I met Bennett in Tucson, AZ at a rainwater harvesting tour. In this epsiode, he shares his permaculture design journey, which began when he was 19. However, it was an interesting experience that sparked his interest in the subject years before. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening. 

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Nov 7, 2022

Ken Hannigan aka Ken Zen helps me unpack a portion of my recent trip to the county Jordan.